Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m an ecologist, outdoors enthusiast, runner, cyclist, weaver, and momma! Since our first babe was teeny tiny, his daddy and I enjoyed carrying him all over the trails and beaches around our home on Vancouver Island. Babywearing allowed us to get where strollers couldn’t go, enjoy nature together, exercise, and snuggle.

We started our babywearing journey with a stretchy wrap and soft structured carrier that were gifted to us. As our babe grew, we needed more support and comfort, so I decided to try a woven wrap. The woven wrap was so comfortable for long hikes, could be wrapped in many different front and back carries, and allowed me to breastfeed on the go!

I love creative projects including painting, pottery, and sewing, so naturally started weaving my own wraps. I weave baby wraps and ring slings, scarves, and cowls. I work with clients to create customized textiles with unique style, Turkish Towel inspired stripes, fringe, neutrals and some cheerful splashes of colour.

I use the highest quality eco-friendly and socially responsible yarns, including GOTS certified organic cotton, organic merino wool, organic linen, O-Wool, and silk. I choose GOTS labelled yarns because they are produced using the highest social and environmental standards throughout the entire production process.

My loom is in my home just outside of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, Canada. Most of my weaving happens during naptimes and after kiddos bedtime.

I love designing textiles that will be a part of many special moments!