Custom options

Type of piece:

Wrap, ring sling, scarf, cowl, towel, bag, etc! See babywearing for more info on choosing a wrap or sling.

Warp (length-wise thread):

Current warp is white Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton.


Plainweave (thin, glidey), herringbone (cushy, moderately grippy), twill (cushy, moderately grippy), zigzag (very cushy, moderately grippy), or pebble (very cushy, very grippy, good airflow). See examples in gallery.

Weft (width-wise thread) fibre and colour:

GOTS Organic Cotton

  • Qualities: soft, easy-care
  • Care: machine wash/dry

GOTS Organic Cottolin (60% Organic Cotton, 40% Organic Linen)

  • Qualities: soft, easy-care
  • Care: machine wash/dry

GOTS Organic Wet-Spun Linen

  • Qualities: extra supportive, smooth and shiny, requires break-in, cool in heat, absorbs moisture without feeling wet
  • Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low and remove while damp, iron on linen setting, store rolled to prevent creasing

GOTS Organic Merino Wool 

  • Qualities: soft, cushy, cozy
  • Care: soak in cold water with wool soap and no friction, squeeze dry between blankets, lay flat to dry, iron on wool setting

Mulberry Reeled Silk

  • Qualities: extra-supportive, smooth, shiny, thin
  • Care: hand wash setting with silk soap and cold water, hang to dry, iron on silk setting


Mixed weft: 

Stripe options include equal width, gradient, thin, thick, on tail(s), as middle marker. Clasped weft accents also available. Examples in gallery.


Hemmed, fringed, or tasseled. Examples in gallery.


The base price for organic cotton warp is $130/metre. This includes Organic Cotton or Organic Cottolin weft. I discount $10/metre for any length over 4m.

The following extras are added to the base price if selected (rates apply for in stock fibres):

Organic Wet-Spun Linen weft $20/metre

Organic Merino Wool weft $30/metre

Reeled Silk weft $30/metre

Ring Sling Conversion (rings and sewing) $40

Basic fringe (short, not twisted) $20/tail

Complex fringe (long, twisted or lacey, includes warp length) $50/tail