My weaving

I weave custom and semi-custom babywraps, shawls, etc. My inspiration is nature and relationships – my July 2020 warp is beach dunes inspired and my August 2020 warp is coral reef inspired. I use a variety of luxurious, rare and GOTS certified organic yarns.

Here are three ways to buy my weaving, and what the process entails!

If you aren’t familiar with weaving terms, warp threads are the ones on the loom, weft threads are the ones that I weave in. The process of putting the warp on the loom takes many hours, so I and many babywrap weavers typically create long (multiple babywraps long) warps for clients to customize with their wefts. This is called semi-custom, as opposed to full custom, where the client customizes both warp and weft.


  1. I design the colour, fibre and weave of a warp, sometimes with inspiration and ideas from clients.
  2. I share photos of my current and upcoming warps in my Facebook group and Instagram page!
  3. Anyone interested in having a semi-custom piece made on an advertised warp can put down a deposit to have your customized piece woven by me within weeks.
  4. I help you choose details of your unique piece (i.e., length, weft fibre, weft colour, fringe or hemmed style, middle marker, blocking if applicable, etc) and send photos of the piece on the loom as I weave it to make sure that you love every bit of it!

Custom warp

If you are interested in having input in the warp design, this can be done either as a full one of a kind custom (with a custom fee) or by creating an semi-custom warp open to others but based on your inspiration. Please send me a message and we can discuss!

Ready-to-ship pieces

  1. I share ready-to-ship babywraps, ring slings and cowls in my Facebook group and Instagram page and by request!
  2. Each piece goes to the first person to request and pay for it.