Price list

If you aren’t familiar with my process for making and selling babywraps, I recommend starting with my page about my weaving.

Prices are calculated by length of warp used, weft fibre, and dye (if applicable). All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton is a staple for me – it is a very soft and strong cotton with checks for social and environmental standards along the entire supply chain. In order to be able to offer GOTS cotton handwoven wraps at a price comparable to regular cotton, I buy this yarn in large quantities and pass the savings on to the client! The base price for GOTS cotton warps is 130/metre.

Sometimes I try out other lovely warp fibres. The base price for my current hand-dyed cotto-nettle warp, named “Chickadee” is 156/metre. The base price for my upcoming hand-dyed Sea Island Cotton warp will be 170/metre.

Base warp prices include the following weft options:

Additional wefts available (dollars per metre):

If you have a weft fibre that you are interested in but don’t see here, please ask me about it! I can order others!

Dye/colour: All of these yarns are available in natural/undyed colour, and can be custom dyed for 10/metre. Some of these yarns are available in a pre-dyed form, for which there is no extra fee.

Fringe price is calculated by warp length used.

For ring slings there is a $15 fee to have rings sewn into the fabric.

Shipping within Canada is $15. International shipping is available.

❤ I discount any length over 4m and/or any purchase after this by 10% ❤