Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a flow state nerd! I love trail running, lake swimming, gardening, crafting, cooking, learning, podcasting, geeking out about nature and mental and physical health, rethinking, being silly, snuggling up and reading with the kids.

I got into babywearing in my whacky sleep-deprived early-motherhood days. Getting out on the trails for a sweaty sunny hike was my favourite form of self-care. I even developed some breastfeeding-while-hiking-to-onset-baby-nap survival skills.

My busy creative brain was drawn to weaving, and my wonderful supportive kind Dom helped me get all set up with equipment and alone time to give it a try! It turned out to be the perfect flow state creative endeavour for me. My favourite part about weaving is working with people to make their vision come to life – I have been so pleasantly surprised by the connections that I have made, even while working with clients mostly online.

My designs are nature-inspired. I weave with a really neat selection of natural fibres including seacell, tea, pineapple, silks, social and ecological certification labels.