Let’s design something special for you!

Current and upcoming warp designs are shared at Nestled Handwovens Group (Facebook) and Nestled Handwovens (Instagram). Send me a message to book space on a warp, or to discuss an idea for a future warp inspiration!

Once you have a warp space, here is how we can customize your piece:

Weft fibre (CAD per metre upgrade to warp base)

Weft colour

I offer custom weft dye, in any combination of colours and designs that we can dream up based on your inspiration (15-30 CAD/metre).

Woven accents

Inlays, lacy/ladder stitching, weave changes, etc. can be placed at tails, middle or throughout the piece.


Tails can be hemmed or fringed in various styles. While most clients use my fabric as babywraps, scarves and/or blankets, I have also sewn my fabric into cowls, ring slings, bags, etc. For ring slings, add 25 CAD and 0.25m of fabric for the shoulder conversion.