Make it unique

Weft yarn (CAD per metre):

Weft colour:

I offer custom weft dye, in any combination of colours and designs (e.g., speckled, solid, gradient, blocking) that you can dream up (15-30 CAD/metre). The GOTS cotton is also available in factory dyed colours (0 CAD).

Woven accents:

Some ideas for tail and/or middle marker accents include: inlays, lacy/ladder stitching, weave changes (0-30 CAD).

Tail finish:

The ends can be hemmed, or fringed in short/long and twisted/knotted/loose styles (price calculated by warp length used).

Ring slings:

I can sew your piece into a floating shoulder ring sling. The shoulder takes an extra 0.25 metres of fabric in addition to your desired sling length. Price is 30 CAD, which includes large sling rings of any colour.