Babywearing Safety

I recommend this Health Canada baby carriers and slings page to everyone that uses baby carrying products. It outlines risks, safe placement of baby, and safe use a carrier.

Wrap versus ring sling

Both grow with your kiddo, so can be used from newborn to toddler. Woven wraps can be used for a number of front and back carries. Ring slings are great for quick ups and downs.

Choosing a length

Babywearers often use a variety of wrap lengths, choosing wrap length based on their size and the carries they want to do. I can provide guidance on this if you like.

How to use ring slings and wraps

One of the wonderful and unique things about woven wraps is that they allow you to carry your baby in a variety of front, back and side positions, with weight distributed in different places depending on the carry.

To learn carries, I recommend watching tutorials by certified babywearing educators (e.g., Wrapping Rachel’s how to use a ring sling with a newborn) and/or attending a local babywearing group.

Start with some basic front carries (front cross carry), then more advanced front carries (kangaroo carry) and side carries (traditional sling carry), then once you have mastered making “the seat”, graduate to a simple back carry (ruck) followed by a more advanced back carry (double hammock).