Babywearing Safety

I recommend this Health Canada baby carriers and slings page to everyone that uses baby carrying products. It outlines risks, safe placement of baby, and safe use a carrier.

Wrap versus ring sling

Both grow with your kiddo, so can be used from newborn to toddler. Woven wraps can be used for a number of front and back carries. Ring slings are great for quick ups and downs.

Choosing a wrap length

Wondering what length of wrap? This depends on your size and what carries you want to do. A “base size” wrap allows the highest number of carries, and is 4.8 metres for a women’s medium shirt size. A medium sized ring sling is 1.75 metres long, which takes 2 metres of fabric.

How to use ring slings and wraps

One of the wonderful and unique things about woven wraps is that they allow you to carry your baby in a variety of front, back and side positions, with weight distributed in different places depending on the carry.

To learn carries, I recommend watching tutorials by certified babywearing educators (e.g., Wrapping Rachel’s how to use a ring sling with a newborn) and/or attending a local babywearing group.

As for which carries, I recommend starting with basic front carries (front cross carry), then more advanced front carries (kangaroo carry) and side carries (traditional sling carry), then graduating to a simple back (ruck) followed by a more advanced back carry (double hammock).